Thank You For Your Neighborly Love!

Our team here at Bendele Insurance Agency is proud to be able to donate $500 to the House of Neighborly Service! We have also confirmed a $500 matching grant from Allstate which comes out to $1000 in total donations!

We would like to thank all those that helped us raise funds and awareness for the House of Neighborly Service. This nonprofit organization assists and advocates for people challenged by the effects of poverty or situational crisis. HNS provides basic needs help for today and hope for tomorrow. They are still SAFELY providing their services throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Pictured from left to right; Glory Magrum of HNS and Donna Bendele of Bendele Insurance Agency.


The best way for you to assist in this campaign is to encourage your friends, neighbors, and loved ones to visit the Bendele Insurance Agency for a free insurance consultation. When they arrive, we can provide them with additional information on this campaign. Afterward, we will send out a contribution IN YOUR NAME to a local program or agency

We ask for referrals because for EACH quote, we offer to make a donation to someone in need. We have decided to partner up with the House of Neighborly Service in Loveland (HNS) to replenish their food bank.

“Thank you in advance for your generous recommendations that allow us to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people and their families each year!” – Agency Owner Paul Bendele.


To Make a Donation Directly CLICK HERE