We Can’t Always Do It By Ourselves

Massive thanks go out to all our dear customers and friends who helped us raise $350 for Project Self-Sufficiency! We couldn’t have done it without your support.

“I was speaking with one of our clients, Elizabeth, and in the conversation, I learned that she has been a recipient of assistance from Project Self-Sufficiency. She is a very nice young lady that is using the assistance provided to get her degree in nursing.

It is good to see our donation directly impacts someone we know.” – Agency Owner Paul Bendele 


As a very family-oriented agency, our Bendele Insurance team knows the significance of the community most especially the people within it.

Our new Community Cause Program will help us accomplish our mission to ensure that all members of our community have the financial resources needed to support single parents.


Single parents are constantly forced to make difficult tradeoffs. Do they sacrifice nutritious food or pay rent? Do they forgo an extra shift or spend time with their children? Unimaginable for a two-parent household, but very much a reality for single parents households. The Colorado Center on Law and Policy report that “sixty-two percent of single mothers in the state lack adequate income to cover basic needs, including food, housing, childcare, and health care.

Our agency is proud to support Project Self-Sufficiency. Their mission is very close to our hearts. They strive to ” assist low-income, single parents in their efforts to achieve economic independence and become free from community and government assistance while building and maintaining strong, healthy families.” The work they do is so important to the single parents that they help and vital to the betterment of our community.