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Meet Our Team

Paul Bendele
Agency Owner

From a small town in Ohio, I’ve lived in the Fort Collins/ Loveland area for 30 years. We opened Bendele Insurance Agency Inc. in June of 2013 knowing that we will be here for our clients in their hour of need. While my background with insurance is limited, I spent nearly 40 years in the automotive parts and service operations helping clients with their needs.

I love the study of history and dreamed when I was younger of being a history teacher, and now I get the pleasure of teaching my staff. When I’m not working, you can find me hanging out with my grandkids or studying history on my back porch in the warm weather or by the fire when it’s cold. I’m always cracking jokes about my age and my love for old cars, old airplanes, and old trains.

Cullen Manley

I’m originally from Oregon, but made my way over the Rockies six years ago because I am an avid skier and wanted take advantage of the great skiing in Colorado. I’ve been with Allstate for a little over five years, and with the Bendele Agency for almost four. I love my job because of the amazing staff and clients I get to work with on a daily basis. It is clear that Paul cares about his clients, and I feel lucky to be part of an Agency that has such high standards for Customer Satisfaction. We have close relations with many of our clients, and we want them to know that whenever something happens, they can rely on us in the best of times and the worst of times. We are here for them.

If you know me, you’ll know I’m a new dad and cannot stop talking about my son, Jonah. He is the best! If you are willing to give me a few moments I’ll have you awe-ing over his cute stories and photos. When I’m not talking about Jonah, you may find me talking about my passion for skiing, concerts, fishing, as well as space documentaries or history.

Give us a call, or stop in. We make GOOD coffee.


1 of the top 3 Licensed Sales Professional in the region.


Richelle Riojas
Licensed Sales Professional

I’m a Colorado native who took my talents from Denver to Fort Collins in 2004. I’ve been in the insurance industry since 2013 and most recently joined the Bendele Insurance Agency Inc. My favorite part about my job is working for an agency that takes pride in offering exceptional customer service. All of us are driven to go the extra mile to help our customers. It’s great knowing that I have such a supportive and understanding team that is always willing to help each other. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, especially, my niece and nephew Marlie and Max. I also enjoy boxing/kickboxing and reading. My guilty pleasures are chocolate and macaroni and cheese. I volunteer as a tutor at the Family Center La Familia in Fort Collins to adults in the community and it feels great to be involved in such an amazing program

Jesus “Jay” Garcia
Licensed Sales Professional

I’ve had the pleasure of growing up in the beautiful state of Colorado my entire life. I’ve been in the insurance industry for four years now, three of which have been with Allstate. While I just recently joined the Bendele Insurance Agency Inc team, I am excited to have the opportunity to learn and grow with such a great Agency.

I am the proud father of a three-year old daughter, Sophia and soon to be baby boy.  Knowing me means you know I’m a family man and love my wife dearly, almost as much as a good steak. I enjoy fishing in our great outdoors and find the outdoors a wonder to behold.  I currently am not involved with any community projects but am excited to see the difference we can make.

Leah Vos
Financial Professional

Born in Littleton, Colorado, I followed my love for the state and went to Colorado State University. I have over 22 years of experience in the Financial Industry, and have been helping Allstate clients reach their goals since 2001. My favorite part about my job is the satisfaction in being able to help people reach their retirement without worrying about running out of money.

When I’m not at work I’m home with my family and cats. I love my kids and support them in their school’s Robotics Program. I am also a Board Member for Ridgebotics at Fossil Ridge High School. Currently I volunteer at the Fort Collins Cat Rescue and I am excited to see how we can incorporate my love for animals into #AgentsOfChange movement!

Tyre Ward

While new to the Bendele Insurance Agency team, I have been in insurance since March of 2015. Born in Georgia, I grew up in Virginia and believe it is safe to say my accent isn’t too strong from either place. When I’m not spending time with my husband, Thomas, I am hanging out with my 14 year-old daughter, Jolie. I also really enjoy reading and bowling when I have a few extra moments.